Sunday, July 25, 2010

Long Distance Romance

The baby, an ocean away, was on everyone’s mind. Conversations went a lot like this: “How’s the puppy? Had anyone heard? Any emails? Photos? Texts? What should we call the puppy? Puppy, puppy, puppy.” The daily updates never seemed to come soon enough. That first week made us laugh: “He smells. His tail is wagging. He’s such a sweet dog, happy to be alive. He takes his meds like a champ. He eats every meal like it’s his last”.

Never mind the fact that we were in a foreign country, the puppy overshadowed that excitement. I couldn’t help but wonder how powerful a puppy would have to be to dazzle us from a different time zone after only a brief meeting. Sick or not, that puppy knew voodoo.

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